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Register a Singapore company to help realize business dream

"Springboard" of ASEAN

As a core member of ASEAN, Singapore can enjoy zero tariff free trade with its registered companies

Preferential tax system

The company tax rate in Singapore is relatively low, and registered companies in Singapore can enjoy various tax preferential policies

International brand

Singapore is the financial center and wealth center of Asia. A good business environment can help enterprises build international brands

Multinational headquarters

Singapore has an open economic policy, which brings together a large number of multinational group headquarters to help enterprises improve their international competitiveness

Overseas financing

Enterprises can be listed through Singapore companies to enhance their overseas financing capacity

Loose immigration

After registering as a Singapore company and satisfying the corresponding conditions, you can immigrate to Singapore

Seven services for registered Singapore companies

Business Centre
Registered address
Authenticated document
Secretarial services
Professional accountant
Consulting service
Bank account
Study Salon
ACRC regular licensed institution

Hong Fu'an is an ACRC licensed institution in Singapore, which is worth relying on.

Years of industry experience

Years of experience in offshore registration industry, helping to reduce taxes reasonably.

No hidden charge and credit guarantee

Charges are regular and transparent, no hidden charges,

One stop service

Account opening, tax declaration, annual review, planning, compliance, etc.

Description of registered Singapore company

Singapore Public Company
Non profit foundationBlockchain preferred

As the only non-profit organization with legal personality, the number of Singapore ICO companies is increasing.

Singapore Pte Ltd
international tradeInternational brand

International Trade and international brands can be used for internationalization.

  • Company name: the name of Singapore company must be in English, ending with XXX Ltd
  • Registered address: must provide a local registered address in Singapore (can be provided by Hong Fu'an)
  • Business scope: Singapore company can select up to 2 business items
  • Registered capital: the minimum registered capital starts from SGD $1, and there is no upper limit. No capital verification is required.
  • Directors of the company: at least one local director over the age of 18. If a bank account is required, it is suggested to appoint two directors.
  • Shareholder qualification: there are no restrictions on the composition of shareholders, which can be natural persons or companies.
  • Legal secretary: Singapore company must entrust legal secretary (may be held by Hong Fu'an)
  • Materials to be provided: relevant materials of directors and shareholders and description of equity distribution proportion
Company name search

Determine the name, directors, shareholders and business scope of Singapore company

Confirm registration information

Sign the agreement and power of attorney according to the conditions negotiated by both parties

Confirm registration information

Provide information required for the registration of Singapore company and confirm the registration information

Transfer to the official

Certificate of Incorporation issued by the accounting and Business Registry of Singapore

Successful company registration

The company is registered successfully, hand over a complete set of registered company documents and collect the balance

Registered Singapore corporate tax preference scheme

In order to encourage domestic and foreign investors in Singapore, the Singapore government has implemented a number of preferential tax policies to promote and facilitate the social and economic development of Singapore
  • 1 Production, trade and services: pioneer industry / Pioneer Services Plan development and expansion plan (EDI) regional headquarters plan (RHQ) International Headquarters plan (ihq) Global trade plan
  • 2 Financial industry: financial and fund management center tax incentive program (FTC) financial tax incentive program (FSI)
  • 3 In the three years before the establishment of a new Singapore company, the following conditions shall be met: 1. The company must be established in Singapore; 2. The company is a tax resident in Singapore; 3. The shareholders of a Singapore company shall not be more than 20

Bank of Singapore account opening

Account opening assistance services of three major local banks in Singapore
Account opening assistance services of three major local banks in Singapore
  • 1、DBS, UOB, OCBC
  • 2、HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other branches in Singapore.
The bank's account opening policy is changeable. For the latest time / information needed to open an account in Singapore, please contact our professional consultant.
Bank of Singapore account opening method
  • 1、Open an account in person at the Bank of Singapore
    (recommended! Can speed up the opening of accounts and grasp the progress of opening accounts more intuitively)
  • 2、Chinese mainland city witness opening account (Hong Fu An provides domestic signature service without going to Singapore)
Through the help of customers, we have witnessed the opening of accounts in Chinese mainland's major city branches. The company director visited the Chinese mainland branch to submit the account opening information and complete the signing of the account.

What to do after registering a Singapore company

Bank account

Act as an agent for bookkeeping and preparation of various statements, submission of tax returns and formulation of tax relief plans, so as to reduce tax burden reasonably

Annual review of the company

After the incorporation of a company in Singapore, it is required to make an annual declaration to the business registration bureau in accordance with the company law

Tax Planning

Opening a bank account in Singapore, Singapore companies can freely settle accounts of international trade and facilitate international financing

Legal compliance

Assist Singapore company to issue legal opinions, review white paper compliance and formulate ICO terms and conditions, etc

Information about registering a Singapore company

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