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Why do we have to do annual review and tax declaration?

Annual review and tax declaration are the qualification examinations that offshore companies must carry out every year in accordance with local laws. Only companies that pass the annual review and tax declaration every year will be recognized locally.

  • Legal recognition of qualification

    Annual audit on time can improve the integrity status of the company in the local area, which is the basis of the legal existence of the company.

  • Avoid late fines

    Companies without annual review will be fined according to the overdue time, which can be avoided.

  • Tax declaration according to business situation

    According to whether the company is actually operating for tax declaration, non operating companies can do zero tax declaration.

Annual review time and precautions of offshore company

  • BVI annual review

    A company incorporated in BVI needs to pay an annual fee every year. According to the establishment date of the company, an annual fee is levied to confirm whether the company is incorporated in the first half of the year or the second half of the year < br > If a BVI company is registered in the second half of the year and fails to conduct an annual review, it may be prohibited from operation and risk delisting after five months.

  • Samoa annual review

    Samoa Company needs to submit the annual review before the end of November every year. The annual fee is paid 20 working days in advance. It is also for the convenience of the company's subsequent annual review. There is a certain fine for late renewal fee. If the renewal fee and overdue fine are not paid before January 15 after the deadline of annual review, the company will face the possibility of cancellation.

  • Annual review of Marshall company

    According to the time of establishment, Marshall company shall pay the annual fee 15 working days in advance, and must pay it on time or there will be a fine if it is overdue. If it has not paid all the time, the company will automatically cancel 3 months after receiving the warning letter of local registration sentence.

  • Annual review of Panama company

    The annual review of Panama company is also based on the establishment time of the company. The annual review is conducted once every half a year, focusing on the companies registered from January to June. The annual review is conducted before June 15 every year, and the companies registered from July to November every year, before December 15 every year. The time is relatively complex. Please do not mistake the time to delay the annual review.

  • Annual review of Belize Company

    According to the time of establishment, there is no clear boundary between the annual review of Belize Company. No matter when the company is established, it is required to submit the annual review before the end of July every year.

  • Annual review of Anguilla company

    The annual review of Anguilla's companies is conducted quarterly according to the time of establishment. It should also be noted that for companies established from January to March, the annual review should be submitted before March 31, and so on. The annual fee for submission is paid 20 working days before the due date, which is convenient for submission to the registry. If the annual review is overdue, there will be a fine.

  • Annual review of Cayman

    The annual audit must be conducted in December of the year when the Cayman company is established, and shall be conducted before December 15. The annual audit time after that is based on the establishment time of the company every year, and the annual audit fee is not fixed. According to the difference of registered capital, you can consult Ruifeng Deyong for details.

  • Seychelles annual review

    Seychelles also pays an annual fee 15 working days in advance according to the time of establishment. If the fee is overdue, a fine will also be incurred.

Annual review process

  • Prepare information

    1 month's notice

    Inform customers 1 month in advance and prepare relevant documents

  • Examine

    3 to 5 working days

    Reviewed on company registration date

  • Collect documents

    5 to 7 working days

    Handling completed

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