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Registered company in Macau, China

Registered company in Macau, China

In the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have similar geographical location and advantages. Macao is a free trade port with a highly open economy. It has a superior geographical location, complete infrastructure, no foreign exchange control, and free capital access, attracting many investors to register Macao companies.

Macao has been pursuing a simple and low tax system with low operating costs in industry and commerce. The highest corporate income tax rate is only 15%, which is the lowest in the region. The SAR government will also study and reduce this tax rate this year. In addition, foreign enterprises may consider establishing logistic service bases and regional offices in Macao to obtain preferential tax exemption. Macao, with its excellent business environment and extensive international market ties, has been playing the role of a bridge and window for regional economic and trade cooperation for many years.

Advantages of registration

1. The registered Macao company has convenient capital in and out, and no foreign exchange control;
2. Registered Macao companies can enjoy a good trade environment;
3. Low tax rate system in Macao, low operating cost of registered Macao companies;
4. Registration of Macao company is conducive to establishing brand and improving corporate image;
5. Macao is a platform for economic and trade cooperation between Chinese mainland and Portuguese speaking countries, and the Macao company is opening up the Sino Portuguese trade channel.

Registration conditions and information
① Shareholders and directors: generally, there shall be at least 2 shareholders / directors and at most 30 directors, without limitation of nationality. Macao allows one shareholder, but it must indicate "one person limited company" and provide the original passport;
② Registered address: the registered address of Macao company must be provided;
③ Registered capital: the registered capital of Macao company shall be at least mop 25000, with no upper limit. The shares shall be invested in the amount of capital contribution, with a minimum of 1000 yuan per share. Stamp duty on registered capital: the government will charge 0.4% stamp duty according to the actual registered capital.
④ Business scope of the company: the name and business scope of the company shall be selected by the shareholders themselves, and an application shall be made to the authority. The name can be in Chinese or Portuguese. If you want to register an English name, you must use both Chinese and Portuguese names. It is mandatory to call it "limited company" (LDA).
Registration process
1. Company name search: determine the name of Macao company. Generally, the name of Macao company can be in Chinese, Portuguese and English.
2. Data submission: after confirming the shareholders, directors, proportion of shareholders and registered capital of Macao company, submit the data of shareholders, directors and other registered data;
3. Signing agreement and payment; signing agreement and power of attorney with Macao company registration agency;
4. Submit registration documents: after the agency approves the registration information, submit the registration information to the registration department.
5. Completion of registration: Macao company successfully registered and received all Macao registration documents.
Company operations

1.The bank account of an enterprise can only be applied for after the establishment of a Macao company. Generally, directors are required to go to the bank in person. Before opening an account, you must go through the witness copy of the government notary office, determine the introducer and submit the relevant documents of company registration.

2.Macao companies do not need to submit annual report of company registration. When the company information is changed, they need to submit application for change of information and amended articles of association.

3.Except for banks, insurance companies, franchises and offshore companies, general companies are not required to apply for statutory audit. No matter whether there is business or not, Macao company shall apply for supplementary income tax. After the registration and establishment of Macao company, the following tax treatment shall be carried out every year: the professional tax and business tax shall be declared to the Finance Bureau in February, and the tax standard shall be mop 300-500 per year for each industry; the income tax shall be reported in March, and the tax rate shall be 3% - 15% based on the income tax.

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