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Hong Kong and Macao business visa

More than one year's business visa application process and required information:

1. Scanning copy of Hong Kong and Macao pass;

2. Scanning copy of front and back sides of ID card;

3. Contact number of the handler;

4. Photos.

        Business visa template


Precautions for handling this type of visa:

1. If there is criminal record, economic dispute and other bad information, it can not be handled;

2. Xinjiang, Tibet, Jiangxi, Hubei, Jingzhou, Hunan, Yongzhou, these provinces have changes at any time, please call for confirmation;

3. No criminal record; no blacklist at the gate (if you leave the country for 7 days every time, you will be blacklisted, and you can't apply for business license again); no registration in other places (the time of applying for business license before has not exceeded one year); if you have not applied for business visa before, you need to change the new book (no double account /). If it cannot be done for the above reasons, the deposit will not be refunded. None of the above records are 100%;

4. This type of visa is valid for multiple times (unlimited times) within one year / three months, but the duration of each entry and stay shall not exceed 7 days.

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