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Annual review and inspection of Shenzhen company

According to the regulations, after the company is registered, it is necessary to check the company with the administrative department for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the law and the legal system for confirming the company's qualification for continuous operation. If it fails to declare and publicize on time, it will be listed in the list of business exceptions, and it must make an annual declaration to the commercial registration bureau, that is, annual inspection.

  • 一、Contents of handling annual review

    1. Implementation and changes of the company's registered items; 2. The contribution of shareholders or investors or the provision of cooperation conditions; 3. External investment of the company; 4. Establishment of branches of the company; 5. Production and operation of the company.

  • 二、Process of annual review

    1. The company applies for and submits the annual inspection report and other relevant materials; 2. The registration authority shall accept and verify the annual inspection materials; 3. The company pays the annual inspection fee; 4. The registration authority shall affix the annual inspection mark and stamp the annual inspection; 5. The registration authority shall return the business license of the company.

  • 三、Information required for annual review

    1. Annual inspection report; 2. The original and duplicate of the business license; 3. The company's annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement; 4. Other materials to be submitted.

Time of annual:5-7 days


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