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Registered UK company

Profile of registered company
UK is an island country in the west of Europe and one of the world's economic powers. Its GDP is in the forefront of western countries. London, the capital of the world, is one of the largest international foreign exchange markets and international insurance centers. Britain has signed many bilateral tax agreements with other countries, and is also one of the largest financial and trade centers in the world.
As one of the old capitalist countries, the UK plays an important role in the global market. Among the EU countries, the UK company registration procedure is the simplest, and the registered capital does not need to be in place; if it does not operate in the UK, no tax is legal; the annual maintenance cost is low; and the tax arrangement is convenient.
Advantages of registration
1. Good business environment: the UK has the largest number of foreign direct investment projects in Europe. Compared with any major European economy, Britain can provide the most convenient business environment.
2. High degree of trade freedom: as an old capitalist country with highly developed economic and legal system, Britain has a high degree of free trade.
3. Favorable for tax planning: under the compliance conditions, the registration of a UK company can reasonably avoid tax. If an offshore account is not opened, the enterprise does not operate in the UK and does not need to make an account for tax declaration.
4. Establish an international image: from the perspective of global economy and capital operation, the UK is the second largest financial center after the United States. In addition to its important position in Europe and its close economic relations with North America and the whole Commonwealth countries, registered British companies can establish a good international image.
5. No foreign exchange control: after the company is registered in the UK, it can open an offshore account without foreign exchange control.
Condition of registration

1. The registered capital shall be at least £ 1, and we shall provide a maximum of £ 1 million, but it is not required to be in place; (if the capital exceeds £ 1 million, 5% stamp duty shall be paid);
2. Provide more than one shareholder and director with unlimited nationality, who must be at least 18 years old, and provide copies of identity cards or passports of the directors and shareholders;
3. Provide the UK registered address.
4. Provide legal secretary of the UK.

Registration process

1. UK company search: provide the registered name of the UK company (in Chinese or English);
2. Signing an agreement: signing an agreement with a registered agent;
3. Submission: the registration agency makes documents and submits them to the registration office;
4. Go through the relevant procedures for company registration in the UK.
5, 7-10 working days later, get the relevant documents of the UK company registration.

Secretarial services
1. Annual review of British companies: the annual review of British companies is mainly for the purpose of changing the tax certificate for the new year and the review of the application office. The annual review time of British companies is generally calculated from the date of the establishment of the company, and the annual review starts one month before the full year.
2. British company bank account opening: after registering a British company, if you need to open a bank account, you can choose to open an account in a local bank in Hong Kong (HSBC, Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, etc.)
3. Change of company information in the United Kingdom: after the registration of a company in the United Kingdom, it may be necessary to change one of the company's matters. At this time, it is necessary to change the company information. The change of the company mainly includes the change of the company name, domicile, legal representative, registered capital and other information.
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