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foreign exchange trading freedom

When an account is opened in an overseas bank, funds can be freely transferred from the overseas account, which is not subject to domestic foreign exchange control.

Capital value increase

The deposit interest rate and variety are not subject to the domestic regulatory restrictions. Large deposits can be customized in terms of interest rate and term, which are flexible and convenient.

Unlimited deposit

It can make full use of the bank's overseas business services, reduce the comprehensive cost of capital, speed up the capital turnover at home and abroad, and improve the efficiency of capital use.

Global Wealth Management

It can make full use of the bank's overseas business services, reduce the comprehensive cost of capital, speed up the capital turnover at home and abroad, and improve the efficiency of capital use.

Why is it more and more difficult for Hong Kong banks to open accounts?

Because the bank was also fined! A few cases of bank punishment in recent years

Penalty:$140 million

In July 2015, banamax USA, a subsidiary of Citigroup, was required to pay a fine of US $140 million by regulatory authorities due to its lack of anti money laundering activities.

Penalty:$1.92 billion

In December 2012, HSBC suspected money laundering and paid US $1.92 billion in settlement to us federal and local authorities.

Penalty:$627 million

At the end of 2012, Standard Chartered Bank handled thousands of financial transactions for Iranian and Sudanese customers and paid US $327 million in settlement money; in 2014, Standard Chartered Bank was suspected of anti money laundering monitoring mechanism and fined US $300 million.

Penalty:$2.6 billion

In January 2014, JPMorgan agreed to pay a total of $2.6 billion in compensation to settle criminal and director's litigation for its alleged omission in Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

Penalty:$2.5 billion

In May 2014, Credit Suisse admitted the U.S. Department of justice's charges of helping American customers evade taxes and paid a fine of more than $2.5 billion as part of the settlement agreement. And civil litigation.

Penalty:$630 million

In February 2017, due to the poor supervision of transactions suspected of money laundering, about $10 billion flowed out of Russia, and Deutsche Bank was fined by financial regulators in the United States and the United Kingdom, with a total amount of about $630 million.

Why is it difficult for Hong Kong banks to open accounts?

Bank account opening
increased demand
Bank profit
high and low
not complete
Company name
with sensitive words
Impact the world
illegal organizations
Financial supervision
Shareholder directors
from sensitive countries
Face to face
Not trusted by the bank

Advantages of major banks in opening accounts

Bank of Hong Kong

Free foreign exchange in financial center

Bank of Singapore

Review of loose settlement freedom

Domestic offshore account(NRA)

Free of charge for green channel account opening

Bank of America

First choice of cross-border e-commerce in international financial center

Domestic signature of major banks No need to go to Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States

VIP internal channel of hongfu'an cooperative bank

Overseas account maintenance guidance

Keep account active
  • Timely activation and deposit
  • Log in online banking 1-2 times a month, and conduct 3-5 transactions in the past three months
  • Keep the account funds to meet the daily average balance requirements of each bank
  • Avoid not using accounts or not doing business for a long time
Reply bank information in time
  • Ensure that the communication information reserved for the bank is true and effective
  • If you receive the document information of the bank, you must reply in time
Ensure transaction security
  • Avoid dealing with sensitive and high-risk areas
  • Try to adopt corporate remittance to reduce personal transactions
  • Avoid unreasonable large amount of funds entering and leaving the account
Legal maintenance of compliance operation
  • Overseas companies operate in compliance with laws and regulations, and normally make accounts and file tax returns
  • Keep relevant business data and account books properly for random inspection by the bank

Five steps of bank account opening

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