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Hong Kong discount loan

Facing the current challenges, we need to work together. Therefore, we will strengthen our support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and use our digital platform and multiple service outlets to comprehensively assist you in applying for the "100% guaranteed preferential loan", a financing guarantee scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises provided by Hong Kong Certificate Based Insurance Co., Ltd., to relieve the operating pressure brought by the payment of salaries and rents during this period.

Product features

1. Term loan amount up to HK $4000000 with repayment period up to 3 years

2. Fixed monthly repayment annual interest rate 2.75%

3. "Zero" guarantee fee can also apply for the first 12 months principal repayment extension period


1. Operation and registration in Hong Kong

2. Valid business registration certificate

3. Unlisted company, loan institution or contact Company of loan institution

4. The turnover has fallen by 30% or more since February this year

How to apply

Step 1: please download and fill in all the application forms * below, and save the completed application forms to a personal computer or mobile device.

1. (100 guaranteed preferential loan) application form

2. Commitment and confirmation (this form is only available in English)

3. Personal guarantee (this form is only available in English)

4. SME financing guarantee plan - Application Form (this form is only available in English)

5. SME financing guarantee plan - detailed confirmation (this form is only available in English)

Step 2: please send the completed (100% guaranteed preferential loan) application form (electronic copy - the completed version stored in your / your company's computer or memory) to the email address , and indicate "100% guaranteed preferential loan application - [name of your company] on the email header. Please do not submit a scanned copy of the application form or other documents to this email address.

Step 3: please submit all completed forms (5 in total) together with relevant supporting documents to the following designated service outlets of the bank, or mail them to the "commercial loan application group", 8 / F, block 3, HSBC centre, 1 Shenwang Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The bank will process the application only after receiving all supporting documents and signed forms.

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