• Company and compliance

    The company and the compliance department have gathered senior lawyers of various disciplines to provide compliance diagnosis and legal risk prevention and control services for nearly 100 enterprises

  • intellectual property right

    With professional intellectual property lawyers and legal experts, it has outstanding achievements in the fields of copyright, anti unfair competition, trade secrets and network intellectual property legal services.

  • Labor and employment

    Provide all services related to labor law involved in the whole process from the conclusion, performance, change, renewal to termination of labor contract.

  • Foreign legal business

    Senior Chinese lawyer, proficient in foreign languages, cooperative law firms of dozens of countries, handling foreign legal affairs with high quality.

  • capital market

    It includes a series of legal affairs, such as corporate restructuring and merger, investment and financing, corporate restructuring, equity and asset transfer, private equity and capital operation, corporate listing, etc

  • Innovative business

    Corporate legal risk prevention and control center, African legal affairs center, family trust legal affairs, Internet financial legal affairs, cultural industry legal affairs

  • Criminal defense and agency

    The criminal procedure business occupies the leading position in China, defends many major cases with significant influence in China, and actively participates in the national legislative activities in the criminal field.

  • Civil and commercial litigation and Arbitration

    With the service mode of "lawyer specialization + team cooperation", civil and commercial litigation lawyers provide various litigation agency services in civil and commercial fields for Chinese and foreign clients.

  • administrative proceedings

    The business involves administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and state compensation in the fields of company management, real estate collection, real estate, construction engineering, intellectual property, environmental resources, etc