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What financial services can you enjoy by registering as an offshore company in Singapore


Singapore's financial development can be described as one of the top financial centers in the world. It has always been in the forefront of the world's finance. The financial supervision system is relatively sound. Investors from all over the world have chosen to register Singapore companies. What financial services can an offshore company registered in Singapore enjoy?

Registered Singapore company

Provide policy and financial support for enterprise innovation

Singapore has determined the important position of scientific and technological innovation in its national strategy, and strives to build a national innovation system conducive to scientific research and innovation, while providing policy and financial support for enterprise innovation. In August 2015, the monetary authority of Singapore set up a financial technology and innovation team and invested a lot of money to support the development and application of financial technology projects. In May 2016, a special financial science and Technology Department was established to manage financial science and technology related businesses, provide one-stop services for enterprises and improve the development of financial services.

Perfect banking service

Singapore can provide perfect banking services for enterprises. Under the background of tightening the bank account opening policy in Hong Kong, the bank account opening in Singapore has opened new channels for many enterprises. Therefore, more and more enterprises choose to open offshore accounts in Singapore. Singapore is the headquarters of 1200 banking, insurance and other financial institutions in the world, with 13% of the total output value of the banner of the financial industry and 5% of the total labor force employed. It is the fourth largest industry in China. At present, there are 4200 regional headquarters in Asia Pacific region. The business environment report of the world bank has 10 aspects, including comprehensive start-up of enterprises, licensing, property registration, protection of minority investors, etc. Singapore has occupied the first place for 10 consecutive years.

Provide personalized financing mode

Singapore's financial leasing and project financing market is also very mature, which can provide enterprises with all-round financing services. Singapore market has different financing business models for different types of trade enterprises, for example, oil trading companies adopt the back-to-back letter of credit financing model, and small and medium-sized trading companies can adopt various trade loans in different development stages, such as start-up financing and growth period financing. For enterprises investing overseas, Singapore financial institutions have designed the financing mode of insurance plus loan. These personalized financial services have played a huge role in promoting the operation and development of Singapore enterprises.

Freedom of financing and exchange

As the fourth largest financial center in the world, Singapore has completely eliminated foreign exchange control. There are no restrictions or special taxes on the export of corporate profits to Singapore. A foreign-funded enterprise can open a bank account freely in Singapore only by providing relevant documents as required by the bank. A foreign-capital enterprise may apply to a local bank, foreign-capital bank or other financial institution in Singapore for financing business.

Provide overseas curve listing channels

Singapore stock exchange is also the first stock exchange in Asia to realize full electronic and site-free trading. It is committed to providing businesses and investors with sound, transparent and efficient trading venues to help them achieve their goals of fund-raising and investment. Due to the tedious procedures, high threshold and long time-consuming of domestic A-share listing, many pre listed enterprises have turned their attention to Singapore, which helps some enterprises to achieve overseas curve listing.

At present, Singapore plays an important role in Asian finance and even in the world financial field. Singapore has created a successful offshore financial market, which can provide a good business environment and offshore financial services for Singapore's offshore companies.

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