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Which industries are suitable for Singapore company registration?


As a choice for many multinational enterprises to set up bases, Singapore itself has a good business environment. In 2019, Singapore entered the annual "list of countries and regions most suitable for enterprise development" released by Forbes, ranking eighth in the world. With the continuous expansion of overseas market demand in all walks of life, more and more Chinese enterprises choose to register in Singapore. Singapore is the best choice for the following industries:

Registered Singapore company

Financial industry

As an offshore financial center in Asia, Singapore's financial industry plays an important role in the global financial development. Singapore's foreign exchange market is the fourth largest in the world, with an average daily foreign exchange turnover of US $101 billion. Singapore plays an important role in fund management, foreign exchange and wealth management.

Singapore has a large number of well-known banks, including HSBC, DBS Bank, Dahua bank, overseas Chinese Wing Hang Bank, etc. The monetary authority of Singapore launched a five-year liberalization programme in May 1999. Among them, the measures include the introduction of new types of comprehensive banking licenses to foreign banks, and the promotion of the number of banks with restricted licenses. It is because of Singapore's strong financial system that many overseas companies choose Singapore banks to open accounts.

Technology and innovation

Singapore has long deployed scientific and technological innovation as a national strategy, focusing on building a national innovation system conducive to scientific research and innovation, and constantly investing funds and policies to encourage intellectual property protection and technological industry innovation. As early as in the 1990s, the government invested US $1 billion to set up a science and technology venture capital fund. Up to now, a considerable number of venture capital institutions are set up by government investment.

In 2014, the Government Bureau launched the "intellectual property financing plan" with a total value of 100 million Singapore dollars to help enterprises use intellectual property rights to obtain bank loans; in 2017, it launched an innovation fund of 1 billion Singapore dollars to assist enterprises with strong intellectual property rights and mature business models to take Singapore as a base and expand product services to the world.

Media industry

As the most technologically developed economy in the media and digital content industry in Southeast Asia, the media industry is ready for the world-class communication technology and equipment technology, and is fully meeting the wave of this technological revolution.

Singapore's media industry has a good development environment, loose media policies, open radio and television media market, and constantly improving media technology content. The media industry is gradually showing the trend of industrialization, and the rapid reading development of the media industry has led to the development of related industries. Enterprises involved in media industry can choose Singapore market if they need to expand overseas market.

Travel to Singapore

With its geographical advantages, Singapore will continue to play an important "transportation hub" role in the overall rapid growth of tourism in Asia.

Singapore is a famous international shipping center, international trade center and international tourism center, as well as a world-famous Convention and Exhibition Center. Depending on its geographical location, Singapore has changed the disadvantage of its narrow territory into the advantage condition, catered to the needs of tourists, and vigorously developed leisure tourism, with remarkable results.

Design type

After being recognized as the "city of creative design" by UNESCO, Singapore is rapidly emerging as the "design capital" of Asia. In recent years, Singapore has stepped up its efforts in art and media, accelerated the development of creative industries with culture, art, design and media as the main body, and made creative industries one of the engines to promote rapid economic growth.

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