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Trade advantages of registered Singapore companies


Singapore has world-class ports and international airports, a well-developed tourism, communications, finance, education and free economic system, a clean and efficient government, and preferential and flexible tax policies. More and more enterprises and entrepreneurs all over the world have registered Singapore companies or set up offices. What are the trade advantages of Singapore company registration?

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Asian financial center

As a developed country in Asia, Singapore is the fourth largest international financial center after New York, London and Hong Kong. Singapore is gradually becoming an important international financial center and wealth management center in Asia and even in the world.

Singapore has rapidly developed into an ideal location for centralized or "shared services". Centralizing the operations of finance, logistics, science and technology will help enterprises to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. Singapore's international financial status and service standards provide a good business environment for trading companies in Singapore.

First choice for setting up overseas headquarters

As one of the Asian financial centers, many multinational enterprises set up regional headquarters in Singapore. At present, multinational overseas companies that have settled in Singapore are expanding their business and carrying out higher value-added substantive business activities, such as financial and financing activities, scientific and technological research and development, intellectual property management, global business planning, high-end talent training, etc.

Singapore is home to many well-known international enterprises, many of which are well-known global top 500 enterprises. Among them, the financial industry and technology industry are the most attractive. Some financial enterprises and technology enterprises not only set up headquarters (or offices) in Singapore, but even occupy the central business area of Singapore. In addition, Binhai Bay of Singapore, a small area, is a collection of major international banks to provide international trade enterprises with strong financial services.

Geographical advantages for trade

Singapore is located in the center of Asia and the intersection of East-West trade routes. With its superior geographical location, Singapore has become an important gateway to a number of fast-growing economies, such as China, India and Southeast Asia. Singapore is one of the world's best container shipping and air transport hubs with the busiest container terminals. Changi International Airport links 270 cities in 60 countries, with more than 6600 flights per week.

Singapore preferential tax system

There is no foreign exchange control in Singapore. The income earned overseas is sent back to Singapore in the form of dividend, which is tax-free. Singapore has also signed bilateral free trade agreements with 21 regions / countries. Through free trade agreements, overseas enterprises can enjoy many preferential policies in import and export and investment. The double taxation agreement signed by Singapore and other countries aims to reduce the tax burden of tax residents and avoid double taxation. Singapore has reached double taxation agreements with more than 70 countries in the world, including Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK.

Steady development of Singapore's manufacturing industry

The rapid growth of Singapore's GDP is largely due to manufacturing, and the "made in Singapore" plan is to demonstrate Singapore's superior performance in manufacturing. "Made in Singapore" brand highlights cost competitiveness, efficiency, technical expertise and innovation spirit. The product bears this unique mark, that is, it represents its quality, reliability and value.

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