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What information will you get after you register with us company


With the global development of the international market, more and more Chinese enterprises are going global, and registered American companies are highly sought after. To establish the brand image of international enterprises by registering American companies will bring inestimable convenience and success potential to domestic companies. What information will you get after you register in the United States?

What information is needed after registering a U.S. company

1. Certificate of registration

After registering for a U.S. company, you will get a business license. In the U.S., it is called a registration certificate. The company is registered in each state, and there will be registration documents. Only when you obtain the registration certificate, the registered U.S. company will be recognized.

After U.S. companies are registered in the state, if they are engaged in some special industries, they need to apply for an industry license. Different industries have different industry licenses issued by different states in the United States. Of course, some industries do not need a professional license.

2. Articles of Association

After registering a U.S. company, you will get the registration regulatory documents provided by the state of registration, i.e. the articles of association of the United States. The articles of incorporation of the United States is a document submitted to the relevant state authorities for the establishment of a company limited by shares, which usually contains the company name, address, business purpose, total number of shares authorized to be issued, name and address of the founder, legal service agent and other basic information. Once the articles of association are approved, it means that the company has been established in the legal sense.

3. Share capital of us company

American companies implement the authorized share capital system, and after the registration of American companies, they will get the share capital certificate. At the time of registration, it is only necessary to determine the maximum number of shares that can be issued by the company. Within this range, shares can be subscribed at any time without capital verification. There are 50 states in the United States. Different states have different requirements for registered capital, so there is no need to verify capital and put it in place. When registering a company, it is necessary to state the amount of shares issued at the time of incorporation. The number of shares issued by the company may be increased at any time after the establishment of the company.

4. American company seal: after the registration of American company, the seal will be obtained, one steel seal and one round sub seal of American company

5. Register of directors of U.S. companies

6. Minutes of the registered American company: that is, the information recording the details of the company's establishment and personnel arrangement.

When your registered company is approved, the company's registration data can be found in the database of the state government website of the company. At the same time, the relevant department of the U.S. government will stamp the original document of your company registration and send it back. American companies need to keep these original documents and company seals properly, which is the most favorable evidence to prove the legitimacy of the company.

It should be noted that if it is necessary to modify any content in the initial documents concerning the establishment of a U.S. company, such as the name of the U.S. company, the registered Secretary of the U.S. company, the director of the U.S. company, etc., it must be reported to the relevant department of the U.S. government for filing.

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