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How to apply for federal tax number after registering American company


The United States is recognized as one of the world's largest countries. The registration of American companies is an important "springboard" for mainland Chinese enterprises to "go global". The registration of American companies is one of the fastest ways for Chinese enterprises to establish international brands. After registering a U.S. company, a compliance tax return is required to maintain the normal operation of the company. So the U.S. corporation tax declaration involves the U.S. federal tax number. What is the U.S. federal tax number? What should I pay attention to when I apply for the federal tax number?

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What is the federal tax number

The US federal tax number (EIN) is simply the number of the US company's tax declaration. All US companies must pay taxes according to law, so they must also have the corresponding federal tax number. The federal tax number is unique. Each American company has a corresponding tax number, which records the tax situation of the company. The federal tax number is one of the materials to be provided for opening the company's account and future tax returns after the establishment of the company.

The US federal tax number plays an important role in US companies. If there is no tax number, US companies will not be able to file tax returns, which will affect the company's reputation. If there is no federal tax number, enterprises will not be able to open bank accounts, carry out capital turnover operations, hire employees, or even carry out daily operations. Therefore, the federal tax number is an important part of US companies' daily operations Conditions.

How to apply for federal tax number

To apply for the federal tax number, it can be handled by a professional secretary company. In fact, many secretarial companies will provide the application for the federal tax number as one of the supporting services when they register as an agent of the United States company. It should be noted that when choosing a secretary company, an enterprise must choose a regular and licensed Secretary company, which can save effort and effort and avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

After reaching an agreement with the Secretary company, the enterprise that needs to apply for the tax number shall submit the information required by the company to the Secretary company. After the Secretary company completes a series of formalities, it will send the official document of tax number and the scanning document of tax number to the enterprise. If you are applying for a limited liability company, you need to wait until the articles of incorporation are approved in the state before you can apply for a U.S. federal tax number.

What information is required to apply for tax number

To apply for a U.S. federal tax number, the first condition is to have an American company. The information that an enterprise needs to provide includes the American company registration certificate, the business address (registered address) of the American company, the purpose for which the American company applies for the tax number, the business scope of the American company, other business situations of the American company, etc.

Us personal tax number

To register a U.S. company, you need to have a corresponding federal tax number to match it. Then an individual can also apply for a U.S. personal tax number. The U.S. personal tax number is not for residents with a green card to apply, as long as it is for U.S. residents with tax needs to apply. Having a U.S. personal tax number can report to the U.S. federal tax, open a U.S. bank account, apply for a U.S. credit card, etc., so the U.S. personal tax number is also of great significance.

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