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How much does it cost to register a U.S. company


As the largest economy in the world, the United States has unique advantages and is the first choice for domestic enterprises. If you want to enter the U.S. market and build a U.S. brand, registering an American company is an important way. However, from registration to operation, it is necessary to incur certain fees, such as registration fees, bank account opening fees, registered capital and other fees. It is very difficult for many operators to register American companies through personal channels. They need to register American companies through agencies, which will result in agency fees.

Registered US company

Registered capital of us company

Different states have different registered capital. There is no need to verify capital when registering companies in the United States. There is no capital limit. When registering a company, it is necessary to state the number of shares issued when the company is established, and the number of shares issued by your company may be increased at any time after the company is established.

Agency fee for registered US company

Registration of an American company is a complex and rigorous work, which is best handled through a professional agency. When registering a U.S. company, you can choose the corresponding state according to your own different needs. For example, Delaware has a large number of listed companies and fortune 500 enterprises, Delaware has a complete set of registration services; Nevada registered companies have many tax advantages; California is the second financial center in the United States except New York; registration and other businesses in California are compared with other businesses States are faster.

Registration agency fee generally includes government fee (registration fee), document fee, seal fee, agency service fee, etc. Because each state has state taxes, each state has different state taxes, and the registration fee is affected by the tax collection and fluctuates. Different states have different registration agency fees.

Finance, tax and annual audit expenses

After the registration of American companies, annual inspection is required once a year, including renewal of relevant government documents, registration of the company's registered address and other processes. The company's annual inspection agency fee mainly consists of government fees, service fees, address rental fees, etc.

Each company limited by shares is required to report its year-end business income tax to the federal government within two and a half months after the end of its fiscal year. The American company's account making and tax declaration can be handled by a special Secretary company, which will also generate certain service fees.

Other maintenance expenses

When registering a company in the United States, the operator often takes the registration agency fee as the only standard for choosing a secretary company. This is clearly unwise. Saving money is a good thing, but we should also consider the service quality of the Secretary company. Although some secretarial companies have low agency costs, but poor service quality, there may be incomplete preparation of documents leading to the failure of bank account opening, or the delay in the time of annual review and tax return leading to the company's bad credit record, etc., if such a situation occurs, it will not pay off.

In addition, if the U.S. company is abnormal and wants to recover, it will cost more. At this time, the total cost will be far more than the agency cost of starting to offer high and later services in place.

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