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Do you need a business license to open an online store in Shenzhen?


Today, I'd like to introduce the materials that need to be prepared for the online shop business license:

1. ID card of the person in charge of the online store

2. The proof of the business place of the online shop can be the home address of the shop itself or other address for renting, but it must have the real estate certificate, the lease contract and other relevant information.

3. If the business scope of an online store requires relevant license or approval documents, it needs to go through the approval before going through the registration of the online store business license.

4. The person in charge of the online store also needs to prepare the application for the registration of the opening of individual businesses and the notice of pre approval of the name of individual businesses.

The above is the information to be prepared when handling the online shop business license. If you have other needs, you can go to Shenzhen registered company for consultation.

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