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What are the requirements for shareholders to register Shenzhen company?


As a part of the company's members, shareholders should bear certain company obligations and responsibilities. What are the requirements for shareholders when registering a company?

Age requirements:

The legal age of the company's shareholders is: the person who is over 18 years old (the age requirement is not online) and has civil capacity.

Number of shareholders:

The number of ordinary limited liability shareholders is less than 50, and the number of shareholders is only 1, or a limited liability company can be established. Generally, it is not recommended to register a one person limited liability company, because after the registration of a one person limited liability company, when the annual business license inspection is carried out in the future, the accounting firm must issue an audit report, so the annual inspection can be carried out smoothly, which costs both money and trouble. Therefore, it is suggested to take it from I have registered a company with two or more shareholders with my family's ID card, which saves the audit report every year.

Who is not a shareholder of the company:

1. Civil servants cannot become shareholders of any company.

2. The cadres and employees of the party and government organs shall not become shareholders of any company, and shall not invest in the company to become shareholders after retirement.

3. Active servicemen are not allowed to invest in the company or become shareholders.

4. Spouses and children of leading cadres at or above the department level; spouses and children of leaders of state-owned enterprises and leaders of state-owned enterprises; bank staff are not allowed to invest in registered companies to become shareholders within the same business scope.

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