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How long does it take to cancel the company?


Once the company is out of business, it needs to apply for cancellation. How long does it take to cancel the company?

Generally, the time to cancel the company is about 6 months, and the time to cancel the branch company is about 4 months. The main reason is that the cancellation of the company should be reported for 45 days, and then the cancellation of the state tax should be accepted for 45 days, and the local tax should be accepted for 45 days, so the time will be relatively long.

According to the handling experience of the agent company for many years, the average time to cancel the company is 10 times to the State Tax Bureau, 10 times to the local tax bureau, 5 times to the industrial and commercial bureau, and 2 times to the bank. This is the high efficiency under the condition that the agent company is very experienced. If it is handled by an individual, the situation may be different.

The above process is normal for the company. If the rent invoice of the company is not issued, the lease contract is lost, and there are other problems, the cancellation procedure will be more troublesome, and the cancellation cost of the enterprise will certainly increase. Generally speaking, the process of canceling the company is very complicated.

It takes a long time to cancel the company. If you don't have the energy to handle the cancellation, you can consider looking for an agent company, which is fast and convenient.

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