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How to keep account and declare tax after Shenzhen registered company?


Many entrepreneurs know how to keep accounts and declare taxes after registering companies, but they don't know how to do it. Then how to keep accounts and declare taxes after Shenzhen registered company?

1. Tax registration:

After the company is registered, it must register with the tax authorities within 30 days after receiving the business license. Otherwise you will be fined!

2. To file accounting system and accounting software:

Within 15 days after the tax registration certificate is completed, the financial accounting system and accounting software must be filed. Otherwise you will be fined!

3. Report on account number of deposit account:

Within 15 days after the registration of Shenzhen company, the basic bank account or other accounts must be reported in writing to the competent tax authority. If there is any change, it must also be reported in writing within 15 days. Otherwise you will be fined!

4. Online declaration and signing of tripartite agreement are also required:

The tripartite agreement shall be handled as soon as possible after the tax registration is obtained, so as to facilitate the tax handling in the future. After completing the online application and signing the tripartite agreement.

5. Claim invoice:

After receiving the tax registration certificate, the tax handling unit shall apply to the competent tax authority for the invoice. Before purchasing invoice, VAT special invoice shall be declared, and ordinary invoice shall be checked.

6. The general taxpayer qualification shall be applied for those who have reached the general taxpayer qualification:

After the enterprise has reached the qualification of general taxpayer, it must go to the tax registration authority to handle the general taxpayer and use the special VAT invoice.

7. Tax declaration:

Whether it's a new company or a company in operation, and whether it has any business or not, it needs to pay taxes. The new company has no business to apply for zero tax return.

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