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What are the states you can choose to register as a U.S. company?


The United States is a big economic country in the world. The economic market of the United States is mature and sound, with good infrastructure, sound laws, no foreign exchange control, and relatively free capital in and out. More and more Chinese entrepreneurs begin to invest in American market and register American companies. However, there are many states in the United States, and different states have different advantages accordingly. What are the states that are often chosen when registering American companies?

1. Delaware

Delaware has sound policies and regulations that are friendly to enterprises in the world. More than half of the largest 500 companies in the United States are registered in this state. Most of the companies listed in the United States choose to register in the state, and the company's registration fee and annual maintenance fee are relatively small. Moreover, the company in this state is allowed not to carry out actual operation in this state, and only pay basic maintenance fee every year.

2. California

As the second financial center of the United States, California has a good business environment and stable economic market policies. California company registration procedures are simple, do not need to provide the actual office address, flexible and convenient. After the establishment of the company in California, the company may not carry out business activities in the United States. California Limited does not need to pay income tax on the company's profits obtained outside its territory, but only needs to pay franchise tax.

3. Colorado

Colorado is a state in the western part of the United States. American companies registered in Colorado are named freely without fixed state tax. After the company is registered in Colorado and the company is registered in Colorado, the company can enjoy preferential tax policies for foreign investment in China.

4. Washington State

Washington is the political center of the United States, so its economic color is not strong. It is the location of most federal government agencies and embassies in the United States, as well as the headquarters of the world bank, the International Monetary Fund, the organization of American States and other international organizations. There are no restrictions on the names of U.S. companies registered in Washington state. U.S. companies registered in Washington state have no fixed state tax and are exempt from state income tax.

5. Florida

Florida has a good economic environment, which provides investors with a good business environment and more trade opportunities; the procedures for registering Florida companies are simple, the scope of business is free, which can meet the needs of investors, and the company name is free. Florida companies in the United States do not have foreign exchange control, free access to funds, to a large extent to meet the needs of investors.

6. Texas

Texas is the second largest population, area and economy in the United States. It is located in the center of the south of the United States. The company has a high reputation for overseas investment, which indirectly brings high efficiency to the enterprise. U.S. companies registered in Texas are exempt from state income tax. In the name of Texas company in the United States, it can open bank accounts with world-famous banks, with free capital access and no foreign exchange control.

7. Nevada

Nevada is located on the west coast of the United States. It is the seventh largest state in the United States. It is an important bridge and cargo storage center in the central and western parts of the United States. Nevada is known as Delaware on the west coast of the United States. About 10000 new companies are registered in Nevada each year. Nevada does not have an agreement with other states to communicate the tax information of its in state companies, so the federal government can avoid using this channel to obtain the tax information of Nevada companies. Nevada does not have personal and corporate taxes, and if a company does not operate in the United States, it does not have to pay federal income taxes.

8. New York

New York, it is self-evident that it is one of the most famous financial centers in the world, the gateway of the United States, with the largest New York port in the United States. New York is the nerve center of the United States, including finance, commerce, industry, art and so on. The company registered in New York is very beneficial to the development of the company by virtue of its position in the financial center and international trade.

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