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Benefits of registering US companies for cross-border E-commerce


In recent years, the development of cross-border e-commerce has been rapid, with various capitals swarming in, and the industry has a good development trend. Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce has entered an era of refined and vertical competition. The positioning of the target group is becoming more and more clear, and the trend of survival of the fittest is becoming more and more obvious. For cross-border e-commerce enterprises, registering American companies is an important step to expand the overseas market. What are the benefits of registering American companies for cross-border e-commerce?

Benefits of registering US companies for cross-border E-commerce

1. It is convenient for US companies to enter cross-border e-commerce platform

As a well-known e-commerce platform in the United States, Amazon has been highly trusted by global consumers after more than 20 years of development. But Amazon's "localization" preference is very serious. As a Native American enterprise, Amazon will take care of the registration of American companies. In addition, the consumers of Amazon platform trust the products of American companies more, so American companies have great advantages in applying for Amazon.

In addition, U.S. companies can also enter Wal Mart, overstock, Sears and other cross-border e-commerce platforms that restrict U.S. companies from entering.

2. Registration of a U.S. company is conducive to applying for a U.S. trademark

As we all know, American trademarks can help enterprises to promote international brands, enhance corporate image and improve corporate efficiency, while registering American companies can provide convenience for applying for American trademarks. In the United States, the trademark law has been very perfect. As an economic power, it has a set of very perfect trademark registration process and legal system. Once a trademark is registered successfully, it has a strong legal effect and comprehensive protection of the trademark.

3. Facilitate cross-border e-commerce collection

After registering with a U.S. company, you can open a U.S. bank account, which provides a lot of convenience for cross-border e-commerce collection. With a U.S. bank account, you don't need to use a third-party collection platform, and you don't need to pay a high platform usage fee.

4. American companies can enjoy more policy convenience

Even though domestic companies have successfully settled in cross-border e-commerce platforms, they still face risks such as strict commodity audit and store sealing. According to the survey, the rate of account sealing applied by American companies is less than 1%; the rate of account sealing applied by mainland and Hong Kong companies is as high as 30%. However, Chinese companies will not have such "treatment" when they settle in Amazon platform.

Using American companies to register cross-border e-commerce local accounts can enjoy certain policy care, for example, cross-border e-commerce accounts have the right to sell when they come down, and can upload products for sale normally.

5. American companies can apply for more commodity categories

Businesses operating in Amazon for many years know that "seven points are in selection, three points are operated by operation", and the weight of selection in operation can be seen. After Chinese enterprises enter some cross-border e-commerce platforms, the categories of goods sold are limited to some extent. However, the local accounts registered by American companies can also do some categories that are not well approved by domestic companies.

In addition to these advantages, there are many advantages for cross-border power generation by registering US companies. So for many cross-border e-commerce sellers, they have chosen to register an American company for themselves to provide more protection for their products on the platform, so that their products can be sold better and avoid unnecessary risks on the platform.

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