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Analysis on the advantages of choosing agency bookkeeping company


Whether the company chooses "agency bookkeeping company" depends on whether the unit has the conditions for full-time accounting personnel, which should be determined by each unit according to its own accounting business needs. Generally speaking, the size of the unit, the complexity of economic business and financial revenue and expenditure, and the requirements of operation and management are the main factors that determine whether the unit is equipped with full-time accountants.

Formal profession:

All the agencies with the qualification of agency bookkeeping companies are the agency bookkeeping agencies approved by the Finance Bureau and registered with the industry and Commerce Bureau, which are regular and reliable. The main body of the staff is professionals in the industry for more than ten years. Strictly control the handling process, ensure the accuracy of each link, and provide customers with safe, reliable and efficient expert services.

Reduce costs and save money:

Enterprises can enjoy the high-quality service of a professional accounting team by saving the direct cost of personnel, and can enjoy the higher quality and more professional financial and tax services by cooperating with financial companies, which is also one of the main benefits of agency bookkeeping.

To keep business secrets:

The financial department is very "special" in the enterprise, and will contact some business content! But we have strict industry ethics and industry reputation constraints, and we maintain industry principles, so it is more conducive to keeping business secrets than individuals.

In terms of obtaining external information:

The agency has strong information support and special information collection personnel, who can collect the latest financial and tax information at the first time, and then provide the applicable information to the enterprise in a quick way according to the type of enterprise. Timely provide enterprises with new financial and tax information, so that enterprises can enjoy financial and tax preferences to a large extent. Can let the business operator get rid of the tedious procedure work, has more energy to consider the business development, the company development question.

Timely and accurate tax declaration:

In the event of misrepresentation, omission or delay in reporting of the general unit's accounting tax returns, the unit shall still bear the responsibilities and economic losses of making up the tax, overdue fine, fine, etc. The agent bookkeeping company has a special person to review the tax declaration, which can effectively avoid errors and losses such as misreporting, missing reporting and delayed reporting due to being unfamiliar with the tax law, and can also stipulate relevant responsibilities in the agent bookkeeping entrustment agreement.

Experienced and knowledgeable people:

Most of the agency bookkeeping companies have rich experience and comprehensive accounting knowledge. We are good at dealing with all kinds of difficult problems, and can use our own experience to solve the temporary accounting problems for customers. In this way, an enterprise can enjoy the professional services of multiple accountants when it costs one or less accountants.

Units with large scale, many economic businesses, large amount of financial revenue and expenditure, and high requirements on operation and management should generally have separate accounting institutions and full-time accounting personnel, so as to timely organize the accounting of various economic activities and financial revenue and expenditure of the unit, and implement effective accounting supervision, so as to ensure the efficiency of accounting work and the quality of accounting information. It can be seen that the entrusted unit of agency bookkeeping should and must be a small and medium-sized economic organization. It should be clearly pointed out that whether a unit has full-time accounting personnel or not should be decided by the unit itself, but the establishment of accounts is a mandatory requirement, and the final authority of checking and approving the establishment of accounts belongs to the administrative competent authority.

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