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What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company


1. How much is the fee for registration of Hong Kong company

How much does it cost to register a Hong Kong company

The cost of registering a new Hong Kong company includes the cost of registering a Hong Kong company by the Hong Kong Companies Registry, the cost of business registration by the Hong Kong Tax Bureau, the cost of printing by the Government Printing Bureau, the cost of a complete set of company seals, the cost of documents and the articles of association of accountants, the cost of Hong Kong legal secretary service and registered address provided by the agency, etc. How to use the money in the bank account of a Hong Kong company You can consult Ruifeng online or by phone with the details of specific fees.

Information required to register a Hong Kong company:

1. Scanned ID cards or passports of directors and shareholders of Hong Kong company.

2. Provide the Chinese and English names of Hong Kong companies, and we verify that there is no duplicate.

3. The registered capital of the registered Hong Kong company has been allocated in details.

4. The business scope of the Hong Kong company can be left blank, that is, it can operate any industry.

5. If it is necessary to sign the documents on behalf of the directors, a sample signature of the directors shall be provided.

The above is all the information needed to register a Hong Kong company. When the information is complete, Ruifeng can start to register for you.

2. How to quickly register a Hong Kong company

How to quickly register a Hong Kong company

There are two ways to establish a registered Hong Kong Limited company: to register a new company or to purchase a ready-made company (also known as a shell company).

To register a new company, you can choose the name you like to register in Hong Kong. The registration time is relatively long. It takes about 4-7 working days to complete. Buying a ready-made company is a list of unused shell companies that choose their preferred company name, usually within one working day.

3. What are the benefits of registering a Hong Kong company

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company

1. Register Hong Kong company to use the popularity of Hong Kong, create Hong Kong brand, enhance the international image of the company!

Because of Hong Kong's remarkable international position, later enterprises often like to use Hong Kong's popularity to package their own enterprises. For example, Hong Kong's clothing, toys, cultural publishing and other industries have certain competitive advantages in the world. The establishment of such a company in Hong Kong can immediately share the overall international image and position, and to a certain extent enhance the company's own competitiveness.

2. Free choice of registered Hong Kong company name

Regardless of the size of the registered capital, the Hong Kong government allows company names to include international, group, holding, industry, investment, enterprise, association, chamber of Commerce, Federation, foundation, Promotion Association, center, Research Institute, publishing house, magazine agency and other business names.

3. Limited business scope of registered Hong Kong company

There is no special industry, such as college, communication center, media group, electrical appliances, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, instrument, instrument, clothing, textile, jewelry, finance, shipping agency, cosmetics, medicine, shipping, transportation, import and export, trade, real estate, construction, decoration, decoration, information, network, tourism, college, food, cultural publishing, association, research As well as other high-tech industries, we can register our business scope in Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong has low tax rate and few taxes

To establish a company in Hong Kong, there are generally only two kinds of taxes: one is the one-time stamp tax on registered capital, with the tax rate of 1 / 1000, which is determined according to your actual registered capital; the other is the profit tax, with the tax rate of 16.5%, which is calculated based on our actual profit (net profit). Registered Hong Kong companies are not profitable and do not pay tax. There is no import and export tax in Hong Kong except for tobacco, alcohol or special. Hong Kong has a low tax rate and a small tax burden; it is not profitable and does not pay taxes.

5. The registered capital is unlimited. The registered capital can be increased at will without capital verification

There is no need to transfer the capital of your registered Hong Kong company to Hong Kong. No matter what the registered capital is, there is no need to transfer the capital to the Bank of Hong Kong. The minimum registered capital required by the Hong Kong government is HK $10000. The registered capital can be increased according to the actual situation.

6. Strive for the right of abode in Hong Kong

If you are registered as a Hong Kong company and have contributed to Hong Kong, you can apply to the Hong Kong people's immigration department for multiple business visas. Those who have made greater contributions to Hong Kong or have lived in Hong Kong for seven years can obtain permanent residency in Hong Kong.

7. Hong Kong companies allow shell companies to exist

Registered Hong Kong companies are allowed to have no business and empty shell companies.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of registering a Hong Kong company in Hong Kong a company registered in Hong Kong can go through all the formalities of registering a Hong Kong company without going to Hong Kong in person; it is not necessary to hold a Hong Kong identity card and live in Hong Kong; your business income and profits in the mainland or overseas are not subject to company tax (profits tax) in Hong Kong.

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