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What are the consequences of not making the annual report of industry and Commerce


Does the boss who didn't do the annual report understand the consequences of not doing it?

If you do not make the annual report of industry and commerce or delay to provide the annual report of industry and commerce, the industry and Commerce Department will list you in the list of business exceptions. What is the list of business exceptions? It's a bit "scary" to say. Maybe we can't simply cancel it from now on!

If they haven't been moved out for three years, they will be included in the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises. If you are unfortunately included in this list, then enterprises will not be able to loan, invest, enter or leave the country, participate in bidding, government procurement, etc., which will seriously affect the long-term development of enterprises; enterprises as legal persons will also be limited in registering new companies, operating and holding important positions.

So, how to make the annual report of industry and Commerce?

1. Enter the national enterprise credit information publicity system, click enterprise information filling to enter the enterprise information filling system, and select the region where the enterprise is located;

2. Fill in the information of industrial and commercial contact person and log in, or log in by means of electronic business license and CA certificate according to the system requirements;

3. Click "fill in the annual report", understand the instructions and confirm, enter the filling interface;

4. After the information is completed and confirmed to be correct, click "submit" to complete the annual report publicity process;

5. The enterprise can log in the national enterprise credit information publicity system to correct the industrial and commercial annual report information before June 30 every year.

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