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Provisions on handling the registered capital of Shenzhen company


With the rise of new industries, more and more people want to register technology companies, so do you know what are the regulations for handling the registered capital of technology companies?

When the paid in capital system is adopted, the shareholders shall pay up all the registered capital when the company is established. Later, the company adopts a compromise attitude of combining paid in capital and subscribed capital. The amount of capital to be contributed when the company is established shall not be less than 20% of the registered capital, and the maximum period of 2 or 5 years is set for the time of subsequent registered capital.

At present, in addition to the subject with special restrictions, the system of subscribed capital is completely adopted. The amount and time of capital contribution subscribed by the shareholders shall be completely agreed by the shareholders themselves and specified in the articles of association. The shareholders can complete the capital contribution in full according to the agreed time. When the agreed time of capital contribution expires, but the shareholders think it needs to be extended, the time of capital contribution can be adjusted by modifying the articles of association.

In addition, there are two practical values in the time of capital contribution stipulated in the articles of association:

First, the due shareholders have the obligation to pay the current capital contribution to the company. When the obligation is not completed, the creditors of the company can request the shareholders to perform the obligation of capital contribution to repay the company's debts;

Second, the shareholder who fails to fulfill the obligation of capital contribution in the current period shall bear the liability for breach of contract to the shareholder who has paid the capital contribution in full on schedule.

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