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Why do I need to act as an agent for bookkeeping? What's the advantage of agency bookkeeping?


Why do I need to act as an agent for bookkeeping? What's the advantage of agency bookkeeping?

1. Regular and continuous. In line with the accounting law of the people's Republic of China, standardize accounting, provide true and complete accounting information for business decision-making, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

2. Reduce expenses. The enterprise does not need to equip full-time accountants to carry out accounting for the enterprise, which reduces the cost of employment such as the salaries and labor security of accountants, simplifies the procedures of labor employment management; it does not need to cultivate professional talents at a large cost, and does not need to worry about the brain drain, so it can still enjoy high-quality management services. For example, if the unit has an accounting post, the salary expense is generally 1500 yuan per month (excluding "three insurances and one fund"). According to the income level of the Department Manager of the unit, the salary of the person in charge of finance can be up to 35000 yuan, while the expense paid by the agency bookkeeping unit has nothing to do with the level of the unit's labor, generally 300-1000 yuan. If you want to find a friend to keep accounts, no matter how much you pay, you usually have to pay for the favor of others. Please have a meal, etc. if there is a problem in your work, it's not easy to investigate. This problem does not exist in finding the agent bookkeeping unit.

In addition, if the unit needs to hire a financial consultant, it usually needs 20000-50000 yuan per year, and the agency bookkeeping unit generally has the responsibility of financial consulting. If a good bookkeeping unit is found, it is equivalent to an excellent financial consultant. Agency bookkeeping units generally have more understanding of tax and accounting laws and regulations, and can timely grasp the changes of relevant regulations, which general accounting cannot do.

Example: a company's own accounting, when there is a conflict between the company and the accounting, the accounting will not report to the tax department, when the problem is found, after a month, according to the regulations of the tax department, the company will be fined if it fails to report tax on time, the company entrusted many talents to solve the problem, but it will still be fined 5000 yuan.

Example: after the conflict between a company and the accountant, the accountant takes away the company's business license and tax registration certificate, which causes serious losses to the company.

3. Professional services. Hire a financial expenditure, get the wisdom of a team. People with accounting knowledge all know that there is a very detailed division of labor within accounting, such as business accounting, industrial accounting, cost accounting, investment accounting, etc. In large enterprises, the accounting department often has many accountants specialized in different work, with high professional level and high accounting quality.

4、 With the help of external forces. At present, the idea of being good at using external brain to participate in management has been recognized and accepted by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises. It can not only improve the management efficiency, but also reduce the expenditure. What's more, it can help you get rid of the clutter, concentrate on operation and create a unique competitive advantage.

5. Security and confidentiality. The unit itself looks for an accountant (including part-time accountant). In case of tax evasion, the accountant himself will not bear any responsibility, and the loss will be borne by the company, including the fine for delaying tax declaration, etc. while looking for an agent bookkeeping company, corresponding provisions can be made in the agent contract. For example, if an agent bookkeeping company does not understand the tax declaration period of a new enterprise, the fine for delaying tax declaration will be all inclusive The Department shall be borne by the accounting unit. Some units are often fined for violating financial and tax regulations. In general, these situations will not happen in the agency bookkeeping company, and the agency bookkeeping unit is generally a legal entity that can bear the legal liability independently. If there is a dispute between the two parties, it can not be solved through negotiation, but can also be solved through its superior business competent department or legal way, which can reduce the economic loss of the unit. The agency bookkeeping unit shall also be responsible for keeping the unit confidential. In case of any problem, its legal responsibility may be investigated.

There are four problems to be paid attention to when employing agency bookkeeping companies:

1. Whether it has the qualification of agency bookkeeping.

The agency bookkeeping companies in China are generally approved by the financial department, tax department or industrial and commercial department. Enterprises should pay attention to the examination of their qualification certificates.

2. Understand the goodwill, scale, service purpose and agency capacity of the agency;

3. Then understand the business level and charging standard by telephone or face-to-face;

4. Determine the company you want to choose after "comparing three companies".

At the same time, the agency bookkeeping company also has some requirements for the enterprise, and will review the legal operation qualification of the enterprise. Generally, the enterprise is required to have its own cashier, and the original voucher is filled in by the cashier. After negotiation, both parties shall sign a commission contract to clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties, charging standards and other matters.

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