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What do I need to do after I register with an American company


As the largest economy in the world, the United States has unique advantages and is one of the first choices for domestic enterprises. More and more domestic enterprises begin to register American companies. If your U.S. company only promotes international brands, a certificate of registration is sufficient. But if we want to expand our business, we will consider more factors. So after the successful registration of American companies, if we want to run American companies well, what else needs to be done?

Registered US company

Application for business license or permit

After the registration of American companies, if they are engaged in some special industries, they need to apply for business licenses. If you want to sell alcohol, food, lottery, gasoline or weapons, you need to get an operating license issued by the state. If you are engaged in the retail industry, you need to apply for a sales license first. Only through this application can the customer's consumption tax be collected, and then the tax will be paid to the local state tax department.

Registered US trademark

Many cross-border e-commerce choose the United States as the place of sale to register the U.S. trademark, which is a very important link in cross-border e-commerce. Through brand filing on Amazon platform, we can prevent the vicious act of follow-up sale, so as to protect the product brand. Brand registration is the trademark registration. The best way to apply for a US trademark is to apply to the US trademark office through a professional agency. In the face of the review and problems in the process of us trademark registration, the professional agency can greatly improve the success rate of us company registration.

In the United States, no matter e-commerce or supermarket sales, only after the registration of the U.S. trademark, can they be sold. More importantly, the registration of American trademarks is an important means to expand the overseas market and prevent other people's malicious rush to register. Enterprises can improve their international brand image and popularity through the trademark registered in the United States, and use the United States to promote their products or services to the world.

Bank account of American company

The bank account of the United States is convenient for the company to receive customers' money and facilitate business transactions. Opening a U.S. account can improve the company's image and credibility, enhance the company's international competitiveness, and increase the added value of the enterprise. Having a U.S. account is also one of the necessary conditions for entering Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Apply for us barcode

American bar code is good for the product to enter the market, and it can deal with the order and delivery work quickly and accurately. It is convenient for inventory management to be accurate and detailed, to prevent overstocked funds, to collect commodity information, to increase the understanding of consumption trends, and to quickly feed back consumption demand.

Apply for U.S. federal tax number

After registering a U.S. company, it is necessary to apply for the federal tax number ein for future tax declaration. At the same time, the federal tax number ein is also one of the necessary documents for opening a U.S. local account. The federal tax number is unique to the U.S. company. Basically, all U.S. companies have to apply for it before they actually file their tax returns.

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