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Some questions often encountered by Shenzhen registered companies


1. Money is not the only way to invest

Shareholders can make capital contribution in currency and non currency, including physical object, real estate, land use right certificate, patent and non patent technology, copyright, trademark, etc., as well as debt to equity swap and equity swap of established enterprises.

The capital contribution that cannot be registered as a company includes labor service, credit, name of natural person, goodwill, franchise right or property with guarantee.

2. The business premises are not all required to be the actual and only address of business certificate

A registered company needs to have a domicile. Generally, it requires one address and one photo. However, in order to encourage investment, many regions have appropriately liberalized and lowered the threshold for entrepreneurship, such as the residence requirements for e-commerce enterprises. Some areas of the city have implemented the cluster registration system, and now it will be more convenient to register companies.

3. The newly established company does not operate without the need to prepare statements and tax returns

A taxpayer must, in accordance with the time limit for examination and report and the contents of the examination and report determined by laws and administrative regulations or by the tax bureau in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, truthfully process the tax declaration, submit the tax declaration form, financial and accounting statements and other tax materials required by the tax authorities to be submitted by the taxpayer according to the actual needs. ".

"If a taxpayer fails to pay taxes within the tax payment period, he shall also file tax returns in accordance with regulations. If a taxpayer enjoys the treatment of tax reduction or exemption, he shall, during the period of tax reduction or exemption, file a tax return in accordance with the relevant provisions. ".

"Where a taxpayer fails to file tax returns and submit tax payment materials within the prescribed time limit The tax bureau shall order it to make corrections within a time limit and may impose a fine of not more than 2000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, it may impose a fine of not less than 2000 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan. "

4. Directors and managers cannot be held by the same natural person

"A limited liability company with a small number of shareholders or a small scale may have an executive director and no board of directors. The executive director may act as the manager of the company. "

"Directors and senior managers (managers, financial directors, etc.) shall not concurrently serve as supervisors."

"The legal representative of the company shall be the chairman, executive director or manager in accordance with the articles of association and shall be registered in accordance with the law."

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