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How to operate cross-border e-commerce after registering Hong Kong company


For many enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce, for the strategy of "going out" of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, the first thing to think about is to register a U.S. company, in fact, registering a Hong Kong company is also a good choice. For cross-border e-commerce enterprises, overseas registration of companies is a prerequisite for market development, while Hong Kong, as an international financial center, has no trade barrier and is an important springboard for mainland enterprises to enter the international market.

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"Cross border e-commerce" includes two aspects: one is to introduce overseas goods into China (import), the other is to sell domestic goods overseas (export), which will involve the operation of import and export rights. If mainland cross-border e-commerce enterprises want to obtain export rights and export commodities to foreign countries, they need to go through various levels of customs, such as the Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the Bureau of industry and commerce, the customs, the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the provincial administration of foreign exchange and so on. They need to go through many processes and handle various certificates, which is very cumbersome. In fact, you can register a Hong Kong company to operate cross-border e-commerce. The specific operation process is as follows:

① Take Hong Kong company as the transfer station: it is very important to register the offshore account when registering a Hong Kong company. For cross-border e-commerce trade, Hong Kong company is required to act as a transit station, that is, to sign an order in the name of Hong Kong company, and then foreign customers remit the money to the offshore account of Hong Kong company.

② Customs declaration and clearance of goods: order goods in domestic factories in the name of Hong Kong company, use registered Hong Kong company to order with factories and sign contracts. The goods from the factory will be issued with documents by the foreign trade agent, and then the price higher than the cost will be raised. The goods will be exported to the registered Hong Kong company for customs clearance.

③ After receiving the order, the overseas customer will remit the money to the offshore account of Hong Kong company. The other side will remit the money to the offshore account of the Hong Kong company. The Hong Kong company will pay the relevant cost service fee to the foreign trade agency. The foreign trade agency will write off the tax refund, and then send the cost to the factory, so that the profit will remain in the offshore account of Hong Kong.

The offshore account of Hong Kong company has the characteristics of no foreign exchange restriction and convenient for Overseas Collection and payment. As a result, the profit left in the offshore account will not be settled, and can be used at will in foreign exchange, and there is no need to pay any tax, because if the profit is not generated in Hong Kong, there is no overseas profit tax. When the money is needed, it can be transferred directly to the account of the domestic company or the foreign currency account of the individual through transfer, and can be withdrawn at any time.

The process of using Hong Kong companies to operate cross-border e-commerce is simply to work Hong Kong as a transit station. Hongkong company can gather, distribute and stock domestic goods, and send them to all countries in the world according to customer orders.

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