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What's the difference between a legal secretary and a business secretary?


What's the difference between a legal secretary and a business secretary?

Legal secretary:

The government requires a limited company to have a legal secretary, who must be a natural or legal person in Hong Kong. The general legal secretary is arranged by us for you.

The statutory secretary is a necessary form of secretary required by the Hong Kong government to facilitate the contact with the government and the handling of government correspondence.

Statutory secretarial services include:

1. Provide registered address and legal registered secretary;

2. Handle and keep the company's legal records (register of shareholders and directors);

3. Arrange and attend the meetings of directors / shareholders, prepare and keep the legal minutes of the company;

4. Keep contact with government departments on behalf of the company and respond to inquiries from government departments.

5. To collect and handle government correspondence on behalf of clients;

6. Arrange for the annual review of the company:

① Renew the business registration certificate and pay the government registration fee and emblem fee;

② Prepare and submit annual report and pay government registration fee;

Business secretary:

Business secretary is a business practice service tailored to the needs of customers, from answering phone calls, transmitting information, collecting and sending parcels on behalf of others, to letter of credit, logistics and other services.

The advantage of a business secretary is that he can establish your corporate image, which means that you have your own staff, office buildings and a set of supporting resources in Hong Kong. When dealing with business, we can handle it smoothly without losing a single order.

Business secretary services include:

1. Provide optional registered address;

2. Provide guarantors and spokespersons, and provide local people as directors and shareholders;

3. Provide alternative business address;

4. Collect and handle the company's commercial and bank correspondence;

5. Provide Hong Kong telephone and fax numbers for company publicity (such as business card, letterhead, promotional materials, etc.);

6. Provide business telephone fax receiving service, specially assigned person to answer incoming calls, receive faxes, record messages, and convey messages;

7. Send the received faxes and letters to the addressee by email immediately after scanning;

8. Regularly forward the received faxes and original letters to the recipients or collect them at our company;

9. Provide independent dedicated telephone and fax transfer service, which can transfer the incoming call to the designated phone for answering;

10. Mail and small items can be temporarily stored or handled according to customers' wishes;

11. Provide meeting room and business reception services.

12. Apply for commodity import and export license, import and export declaration, commodity bar code, etc;

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